Our dedicated in-house subsidiary rights team licenses rights to Crooked Lane Books and Alcove Press titles across all editions and formats around the world. 

Domestic and UK/Australian rights, including audio, film, book club, large print, and special editions, are handled directly by our team. 

In translation markets, we work closely with select coagents across Europe, Asia, and South America. 

We attend the major book fairs in London and Frankfurt Book Fair each year to expand our global reach. 

The subsidiary rights department is led by Stephanie Manova and supported by Megan Matti.

For inquiries, please contact:

We sell 100% of audiobook rights, with most titles sold at auction.

Random House Audio
Recorded Books
Insatiable Press
Dreamscape Media
Tantor Media

Our in-house team licenses directly in the United Kingdom, selling to major publishers abroad.

Penguin / Transworld
Hachette UK / Headline Eternal
Hachette UK / Headline Eternal
Aria / Head of Zues
Little Brown / Robinson Psychology
VERVE / Oldcastle

We work with select partners to license translated editions in over 40 territories.

Hoffman und Campe
Editorial Alma
Geuneul Book
Editions Gallmeister

We license large print rights to our close domestic partners. Some recent deals are below!

Center Point
Center Point
Center Point
Thorndike Press
Thorndike Press
Thorndike Press


We license book club rights to our close domestic partners. Some recent deals are below!

Book of the Month
Harlequin WWL
Harlequin WWL
Doubleday Book Club
Junior Library Guild
Mystery Guild Book Club