Donald Harstad

Donald Harstad worked for 26 years as deputy sheriff and chief investigator for the police department of Clayton County, Iowa. Since his retirement, he has written six critically acclaimed novels…

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Emery Hayes

Emery Hayes is the author of the Nicole Cobain mystery series and the twice-monthly podcast, In My Town. Writing as Suzanne Phillips, her Young Adult novels command the attention of…

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J.G. Hetherton

J. G. Hetherton was in raised in rural Wisconsin, graduated from Northwestern University, and lived in Chicago for the better part of a decade. Along the way to his first…

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Jessica Hamilton

Jessica Hamilton was born in Australia but grew up in Ontario, Canada. She has lived and worked in the Czech Republic, Taiwan, India and Japan. She studied writing at the…

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M.E. Hilliard

M. E. Hilliard is currently a full-time librarian who started out in retail merchandising. Her first job was as an assistant buyer at Lord & Taylor, where her glamour position…

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M.L. Huie

M. L. Huie is a writer, teacher and actor. In addition to working ten years as a features journalist he has written several plays that have been performed throughout the…

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Mina Hardy

Mina Hardy writes books. Usually, they feature good people making bad choices, but sometimes they might be about bad people making good choices. Either way, everyone is basically a mess,…

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Nancy Herriman

Nancy Herriman retired from an engineering career to take up the pen. She hasn’t looked back. Her work has won the RWA Daphne du Maurier award. When not writing, she…

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Nell Hampton

An avid foodie and writer, Nell Hampton decided to finally combine her two loves. She lives in Richmond, VA. Browse Nell Hampton's work.

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Rebecca Hodge

Rebecca Hodge is an author of fiction, a veterinarian, and a clinical research scientist who lives and writes in North Carolina. Fiction writing is the space where her creative side…

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