Michael Landweber
Michael Landweber. Photo by Evan Michio

Michael Landweber

Michael Landweber lives and writes in Washington, DC. He is the author of the novels The In Between, We, and Thursday, 1:17 pm. His short stories have appeared in literary magazines such as Gargoyle, Fourteen…

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Sydney Leigh

Sydney Leigh has had a myriad of jobs, from running a small business to teaching English across the globe. She has travelled the world solo, where her daring spirit has led…

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Scott Lyerly

Scott Lyerly was born in Washington DC, and grew up just over the line in Silver Spring, Maryland. He attended school at the University of Maryland, College Park, earning a Bachelor's…

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Rachel McGuire

Rachel McGuire is the pen name for the collaboration between Rachel Graham and Lee-Ann McGuire Whitlock. Rachel Graham has worked as a firefighter, paramedic, clinical researcher, and health consultant. She lives…

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Parker Adams

The son of a navy helicopter pilot, Parker Adams chased great white sharks as a marine biologist before becoming a patent lawyer who litigates multi-million-dollar cases for high-tech clients. In his spare…

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Nolan Chase

Nolan Chase lives and works in the Pacific Northwest. A Lonesome Place for Dying is his first book featuring Ethan Brand. Browse Nolan Chase's work.

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Michelle Prak

Michelle Prak is an Australian author with a thirty-year career in PR, social media, politics, and journalism. Writing has been the backbone of much of her work, and she wrote several…

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Maggie Auffarth

Maggie Auffarth is a lifelong book obsessive and crime fiction enthusiast. She holds a degree in creative writing from Wheaton College and she was a finalist for the Helen Sheehan Book…

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M.S. Greene

M.S. Greene is a playwright, lyricist, screenwriter, novelist, and overall theatre nerd living the dream in New York City. Under his full name - Matthew Greene - his scripts have been…

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Kerri Hakoda

Kerri Hakoda was born in Hawaii but has spent almost all of her adult life in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. She lives in Anacortes, Washington, with her husband and a…

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